Web Design and Development

Data Centres

Webage provide a wide range of rack space and server hosting solutions through our network of interlinked data centres. We provide such services to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Web Design and Advertising Agencies, Payment Solutions Providers, Music Industry Publishers and large Etailers running dedicated servers among many other sectors and applications.

As RIPE members we can provide IP address ranges to our larger clients, manage our own BGP peers, and are fully IPv4 and IPv6 compliant. So you are safe in the knowledge that our routing is multi-homed and we have built redundancy into our achitecture and systems at every possible level.

The data centres we use have been carefully chosen, having been vetted for security, electricity suppy, backup supply and perhaps most of all connectivity. We are fully aware that uptimes, latency times, hops and routes are mission critical and can make all the difference to your online business.

Over and above all the techy stuff – we are able and willing to dovetail with your organisation, offering the right kind and level of service for your organisation, providing consultancy on network architecture, security, and/or server management, through to how best to speed up your online services, or how best to provide failover/redundancy to your clients.

Our main presence is currently at Blue Square Data in Maidenhead.