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Microsoft Excel 2007 to 2016 Course


What is a spreadsheet?


Section 1 – Getting Started

Introduction to Excel

Rows & Columns

Enter Text & Numbers in Cell

Editing Text in a Cell

Centring Text & Numbers

Formatting Fonts

Changing Cell Colour

Saving Excel Spreadsheets

Using Currencies

Merging Cells

Section 1 Summary


 Section 2 – Basics



Addition Formula

SUM Function – Part 1

SUM Function – Part 2

Copy & Paste

Paste Special



Adding Comments

Section 2 Summary


Section 3 – Charts

 Sorting Data

Creating Charts

Move & Resize Charts

Chart Styles & Layouts

Chart Titles

Chart Layout Panels

Formatting Charts

Creating Pie Charts

Pie Chart Data Labels

Pie Chart Segments

2D Line Charts

Chart Axis Titles

Predicting Future Values

Extending the Trendline

Sparklines – Part 1

Sparklines – Part 2

Replacing Bars & Columns with Images