WL Sleigh – web design & logo design for chauffeur hire company

We’re delighted to continue our collaboration with the fine folks at WL Sleigh Ltd, with a new site and logo design for this family-owned, Edinburgh-based chauffeur hire company.

Having completed a new site for WL Sleigh’s specialist tailor-made Scottish tours business at sleightourscotland.co.uk, we were very pleased to be commissioned to redesign the main WL Sleigh site.

In this project we worked with the family team at WL Sleigh to co-ordinate content, and with their booking service provider to integrate their chauffeur reservation system with the site.

Key Features

Logo Design

The brief for the redesigned logo was to take on and simplify the existing logo. Our aim was to lend it a style that was more in keeping with this long-established firm’s traditional quality brand values. The basis of the logo with a spoked wheel adorned with wings is inspired directly by the Sleigh family crest. The logo was developed through consultation with the WL Sleigh team and resulted in a detailed but clear version with variants for use on light and dark backgrounds.

Web Design

The plan with regard to web design was to rework the existing content with a fresher, more engaging look that is consistent in appearance with that of the sleightourscotland.co.uk site. This gives the company consistent branding across both sites but with each site featuring distinct content relevant to each part of the business.

The Result

We understand that the client is most satisfied with a redesigned site that focuses on their core business and should offer return on investment by gaining new business online.

Our belief is that this is a site which clearly demonstrates how small to medium businesses can both improve their branding and add revenue by adhering closely to these objectives. If it’s something that inspires you, get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to help design something similar for you.

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WL Sleigh Website - chauffeur hire company

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