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Web Hosting Support

Please visit clients.webage.net for full access to account information and support documentation. The following information is deprecated and will be updated shortly.

FTP Support

When you set up your hosting account with Webage we will provide you with a username and password to connect to your hosting web space with FTP (file transfer protocol). We recommend you use an FTP client program to upload files to your web space – Programs such as Filezilla, WS_FTP and Cute FTP are excellent for this task.

When you log in with FTP you will be one directory level above the HTML root from where the web site pages are served. Therefore, to upload web pages to your web site it is neccessary first to change into the public html root directory. One some servers this is


while on others it is


Our servers also fully support chmod via ftp so you can manage the permissions of files and directories on your web site should you require. We can also provide you with additional FTP users with access restricted to subdirectories of your web space. This is useful if you wish to allow third parties to upload files to your web space without giving them access to the entire website.

MySQL Database Support

phpMyAdmin is provided as standard allowing you to setup and manage your MySQL database(s). If required we can allow you to access your database directly from your fixed IP address. We recommend SQLyog (by Webyog) as an excellent desktop client for connecting to and managing MySQL databases. SQLyog can also connect to ODBC data sources and export these into MySQL. The program also allows scheduled MySQL syncs to take place, so that you (or we) can easily syncronize between your inhouse and online databases for instance.