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Why choose email marketing?

While social media networks have grown exponentially and are undeniably effective in reaching a wider audience, many leading marketers believe – and can point to strong statistical indicators – that email marketing remains the most effective channel.

That’s particularly true when targeting existing customers with personalised marketing. Email marketing allows customer lists to be segmented so customers only receive relevant messages and businesses only spend money on marketing to engaged customers who have actively chosen to receive communications. That makes it important to start building a list as soon as you launch a new website.

Perhaps most importantly, put simply in terms of bottom line, according to Forbes.com email marketing can deliver the highest ROI of all marketing channels. There can be few better reasons to start email marketing today.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Services

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Email Template Design

From £150 + VAT

  • Optimised Mailchimp template†
  • Call to actions for click throughs
  • Perfect combination of images & text
  • Responsive Design
  • Stock Images
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Email Campaign

From £300 + VAT

  • Free Mailchimp account setup
  • Optimised Mailchimp template
  • Call to actions for click throughs
  • Design & send
  • Perfect combination of images and text
  • Campaign Management & Reports
  • Responsive Design
  • Original Artwork
Integrate your store

Ecommerce Engagement

From £600 + VAT

  • Engage users in future marketing with relevant content and products
  • Recover sales with abandoned cart remarketing
  • Convert users with personalised product offers and promotions
  • Integrate on major e-commerce

† Assumes use of pre-existing Mailchimp account. * Requires compatible software