Service Status

Service Status Update

18/08/20 Migration of all hosting accounts to our new data centre is complete. All services are functioning normally.

General Advice

If you use Microsoft email products, internet connection problems are very likely to cause your email software to display an error message. This typically includes misleading advice which may ask you to check or change your password.

If you see such a message, please do not change any settings.  Instead, seek confirmation if your web hosting or email service is down. The message is typically displayed because the email software cannot connect to the internet or to a server, not because the settings have changed.

You should never need to change your password in these circumstances. Doing will submit an incorrect password to the mail server and repeated connections with an incorrect password will cause your account to be temporarily blocked by our brute-force protection software.

In the event that a password has actually changed, you may see the same message. However, be assured that Web Age will never make arbitrary changes to your email settings. We will always advise you of any necessity to change your configuration where it relates to server-side changes, for example in the event of your hosting package being transferred to a different server.

In general operation, no changes to settings will be required. In the event of any downtime or connection problem, any connectivity issues will be resolved by Web Age and/or our supplier as applicable, and in such circumstances, no intervention from the client side is necessary.