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Brexit and .eu domain names

At the end of 2020, UK-based businesses, organisations and individuals will no longer be considered eligible to hold registration of .eu domain names. That is unless these registrants can prove eligibility by declaring compliance with one of the qualifying criteria before 1st January 2021.

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Brexit and E-Commerce

At the time of writing, negotiations between the UK and the EU on post-Brexit trade are continuing, with time running out for a deal. With the deadline looming at the end of December 2020, customers have now started to ask us what they may need to do to prepare for sales to the EU.

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How to install WordPress on cPanel

If you ever wondered how to install WordPress on cPanel, the ubiquitous web hosting control panel, we have put together a couple of step-by-step guides that should make this pretty easy. While installing WordPress can seem quite daunting if you have never done this before, it is, in fact, relatively straightforward. That's especially so when you follow our handy WordPress installation guide. So let's get started...

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