The latest round of cPanel updates has included a number of useful features and upgrades, but the one we’d like to bring to your attention is a powerful WordPress management tool, WordPress Toolkit.

If you’re involved in websites or hosting in any way, you’ll likely be familiar with cPanel. cPanel is widely-used web hosting control panel software. It provides a graphical user interface to enable website owners and developers to easily control numerous aspects of their hosting account, from file management to email. The latest add-on for cPanel on our systems is the WordPress management tool, WordPress Toolkit.

cPanel describes WordPress Toolkit as “a feature-rich management interface that allows anyone to install, configure, and manage WordPress websites. WordPress Toolkit Lite is included FREE and WordPress Toolkit Deluxe is a paid upgrade with advanced features and smarter functionality.”

We are happy to say that all our hosting customers now have WordPress Toolkit Lite available free of charge. It can be found in your cPanel’s Applications section, which by default is at the foot of the cPanel home page. The Lite version includes powerful tools from a user-friendly installer to the management of updates and security. The Deluxe version adds additional functionality including mass updates, staging and cloning, and can be acquired for a small additional fee on top of your hosting costs. Please contact us for more details.