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London, UK Colocation

Webage have been providing server colocation services since 1996, a date which pre-dates the birth of most ISPs in the market today. “Server Colocation” means that we host your servers in our datacentre and make them available online 24/7/365. Therefore the difference between dedicated server hosting and server colocation is that with colocation you have bought and own the servers, with dedicated server hosting you are effectively leasing the servers.

The service involves a number of parameters;

  • Rackspace: the number of “U’s” of rack space your server occupies;
  • Electricity: the amount of electricity in amps your server consumes;
  • Bandwidth: the amount of internet bandwidth your server uses;
  • Support: the support level you require, and how far downstream this reaches;
  • Location: the data centre you wish your server housed within – costs vary.

As with our other server solutions, our support is not limited to our side of the provision fence. We understand the criticality of your services, and are willing and able to pull out all the stops when required. This is an Internet Business Partnership – not a large and faceless ISP.

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