In the latest video in our How-To guides series, we show you how to set up your Web Age email account on an Android smartphone, such as a Samsung Galaxy or similar device.

In this video, the example illustrates setting up a Web Age email account on a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone using the Samsung Email app. Specific steps may vary on your particular device depending on OS or manufacturer. However, the general principle applies in terms of the configuration details you should enter.

Text Instructions on how to set up Web Age email on a Samsung Android phone

  1. Open the Email app.
  2. In the Email app, tap the Menu icon, then tap the Cog icon to access Settings.
  3. Tap Add account.
  4. Tap Add new account.
    NB that if no other accounts are configured on your device, set up may skip straight to the Add New Account page where you should follow the following steps.
  5. Enter your full Email address and Password, set as default email account if preferred, and then tap Manual Setup.
  6. In Select account type, choose IMAP account.
  7. In Account, enter the full email address for username.
  8. In Incoming Server:
    1. change this to use the format – replacing with your own domain name. Our mail servers always use your domain name prefixed by mail.

      Example: if your domain name is, your mail server is

    2. Set security type to TLS and set Port to 993.
  9. In Outgoing Server:
    1. Change this to use the format – replacing with your own domain name.
    2. Set security type to TLS and set Port to 465.
  10. Switch Require authentication to send emails on (typically already on by default), and enter your full email address as username along with your password.
  11. Tap Sign In
  12. Set up is checked, verified and completed.

Note that if you have problems enabling TLS using your own domain, you can use either the name of the server on which your site is hosted, or use TLS – accept all certificates. This is not recommended. It may be necessary and preferable to upgrade the secure certificate on your hosting account to a wild card that covers all subdomains. Please contact us for more information or to order a wild-card secure certificate.