Project Description

Web Age is part of the Cloudstream Technology group, and we were recently tasked with redesigning the main group website, bringing together information about all the services provided across the organisation.


Cloudstream Technology is perhaps best known for its IT support service for business, but the company also supplies a full range of complementary services to business. These include Data & Backup ServicesTelecoms & Broadband Services, and Cyber Security. The company also provides expertise in Digital Marketing and also in Web Design, both through our Web Age brand and through the New Star Media brand, specialists in car dealer websites.

One of the biggest objectives was to illustrate how all the distinct strands of the company combine into a seamless whole. This concept is best represented by Cloudstream’s flagship Managed IT service. This service combines all the technology services that a business could require (i.e. IT support, data storage & web hosting, telecoms and broadband, security and digital services) into a single package with a single point of contact. This approach eliminates the need for multiple suppliers and ensures that all the technology within a business works harmoniously together, to support business goals and boost productivity.

We illustrated this through the use of colour theming and icon styles for each service area, and then illustrated on the home page how this flows into the single service offering, via the home page content. We also incorporated extensive use of three-step processes to illustrate the simple signup process when customers join the company and included numerous calls-to-action on each page to make it as simple as possible for customers to get in touch.

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