Project Description

With a bold idea to build a new luxury residential cruise ship while also revitalising the traditional ship building industry of the Clyde, Clydebuilt needed a fresh design which would effectively showcase their vision and a depth of content to back it up.

The objective of the site is to inform potential customers of the opportunity to own a suite aboard the ship, and the luxurious facilities that come with it. Secondly, the site seeks to inform potential investors of the opportunity to purchase a stake in the project.

We were therefore charged with redesigning the site to give it the required appearance of quality and style, and to integrate a wealth of new content to serve these objectives. This includes video, interactive diagrams, slideshows and details of each suite on the ship.

It is hoped that we delivered a good result on a tight budget which Clydebuilt staff can then take on to develop further as their project gathers momentum. We wish them all the best with this launch, no pun intended!

View the Clydebuilt luxury cruise ship website.