Project Description

At Web Age we have an extensive track record in producing effective web design for bed and breakfast clients. While it seems a long time ago now as frost nibbles at our toes, back in the summer, we were engaged in a web design project for a rather special bed and breakfast property in Normandy.

Owners Maureen Munsch & Iain Mackellaig came to France after running a successful hotel in Buckinghamshire, and have developed a high class bed and breakfast business tucked away in the hills of rural Normandy. While their website was packed with information about the business, the visual impact was some way short of the high level of hospitality they aim to offer.

Therefore we refreshed the site with a new design and colour scheme which played with the theme of good French wine and food. We also aimed to emphasise strong points of the business in terms of location, local food and drink, the quality of service and the style and standard of accommodation that’s on offer.

We also had to ensure the whole site continued to function in both French and English language versions. To meet this requirement we extended the multi-language functions with new translations and new integration at template level, to ensure the owners can easily update multi-lingual text content from the site’s admin area.

To finish off, we set up promotional sliders with both original and stock photography with the aim of telling the visitor a clear story of the welcome, the food and the location they can expect when staying at Le Manoir de la Rivière.

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