Project Description

Loch Fyne Oysters are renowned for providing some of Scotland’s finest seafood, with an international reputation for quality. We were therefore delighted to take on the responsibility of redeveloping their site at in order to enhance their eCommerce offering using the most popular eCommerce platform in the world*, Magento.

Web Development Remit

Loch Fyne Oysters required a more effective and efficient eCommerce platform to fit their strong brand and attractive existing website design and to match the quality of the produce. The rationale for this was to develop the online food sales side of the business and ensure that customers both in the domestic UK market and internationally could more easily buy the outstanding produce for which Loch Fyne Oysters is rightly famous.

Magento eCommerce Development

Therefore with a remit to retain the existing branding and design but to completely redevelop the eCommerce system we set to work, using our extensive experience in eCommerce development to guide us. This entailed integrating the design, existing product catalogue and customer base with the Magento 2 eCommerce system, using a bespoke theme on the Boostrap platform. We also worked to introduce a host of features designed to enhance user experience for customer and administrator alike.  It was also vital to make eCommerce sales more prominent in the site and make it much easier for customers to find and buy the products they want.

The Resulting eCommerce Website

The result is a robust, flexible and extensible platform that we hope will accurately meet Loch Fyne Oysters’ commercial needs for some time to come, with hugely improved eCommerce functionality, mobile performance through responsive design and a server platform that ensures speed and security.

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Magento eCommerce Development for Loch Fyne Oysters