Project Description

Teal Engineering Services is a family-owned engineering company based in Ayrshire, Scotland that is known for its innovative engineering solutions and for its Kari-Tek brand of roof racks, trailers and storage.

We were delighted to complete the new website for the company just recently, working with the staff at Teal and their marketing colleague to develop a new site that we think represents a huge step forward for the company’s online presence.

The major challenge with this project was to present effectively a wide range of information about the two main strands of the company’s business. These strands are the engineering side, encompassing structural steelcommercial developments and marine engineering among others, and the Kari-Tek range of trailers, roof racks and storage for canoes, kayaks and watercraft.

This, we hope, has been achieved through the use of clear navigation and an organised content hierarchy which gives each strand of the business its own prominence in the site, while making it easy to navigate to more detailed content about each of the services or products offered. The material offered covers image galleries, enquiry forms and informative FAQs which we aimed to present in an engaging, easy-to-use manner.

The other key factor was to demonstrate Teal’s expertise, experience and creative thinking that enables them to take on projects for which other companies may struggle to find solutions. They are experts in creating bespoke engineering solutions for a wide variety of problems. We aimed to demonstrate this through both a team biography and company timeline section and a wealth of information and images illustrating a broad cross-section of the diverse projects tackled by Teal Engineeering Services.

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Teal Engineering Services