Project Description

Over a number of years, Web Age have acquired extensive experience in integrating diverse data sources, such as XML feeds of the type used by many car dealers and popular car sales sites, with our customers’ websites.

The origin of this expertise began with a site developed a number of years ago for a local dealer, giving us our initial insight into developing a car sales site with an Auto Trader feed.

Project Background

A local car dealer required a beautiful web site which would not only draw customers to the showrooms for new cars, but also act as a search and sales tool for their ever changing range of used cars.

Our Solution

Like most car dealers, the dealer in question already had an in-house dealer management system which integrated with sites such as Auto Trader. Therefore, in order for the Web Age to provide an easily maintained used car search web site it was essential that we integrated with the system already in place.

In this regard, the used car website we developed used the same Auto Trader feed file format as is common across the industry. This way the used car search database and all associated car images was kept fully up-to-date without the input or intervention of anyone – it was all fully automated.

On the site it was possible to filter the search results by many criteria (make, model, fuel, price, colour, age, mileage etc etc) and then sort the result set returned by the column of your choice (mileage, price, location etc). Each car was illustrated by multiple images and a PDF factsheet (built on the fly) for the customer to print off if they desire.

Though since been absorbed and replaced during corporate takeover, altogether the site in question represented unbelievable value for money and lent us an insight into a market that still has value today.

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