Take charge of your domain names and avoid common hosting headaches

We often encounter a problem when new customers contact us seeking to switch their hosting or domain names to our platform. It seems common for hosting companies large and small to register domain names to themselves rather than using the customer’s details.

This can make it very difficult when you seek to move your domain or hosting to another provider. That’s a common requirement as your business needs change. It’s something to be particularly aware of when using hard-sell, mass-market companies who engage in cold calling. Apart from tying you into their own hosting platform, from which you can’t transfer away, they register what should be your domain in their own name.

In a worst case scenario, it can mean total loss of control of a website or losing a trademark. So a little time spent now to take control of your own domain and website can avoid wasted time and unnecessary expense in future.

Remember, it’s your site, your business and by taking charge of this yourself and following these hints you can easily avoid this common pitfall:

Top Tips on Domain Registration

  1. Do the registration yourself
    It’s easy to get signed up with our domain names and value hosting.
  2. Be clear on what you expect
    If you do choose to have someone do the registration on your behalf, instruct your provider that you must have your own name and business details used for the registration.
  3. Have all your details organised
    Ensure you provide full details (name, business name, address, phone, company number, email address) to the provider before starting a registration. In some cases, inadequate information leads to an inaccurate registration.