If you need to find out how to set up your email or access your client account with Web Age, it’s time to check out our new Web Age YouTube channel.

Presenting the Web Age YouTube Channel

The Web Age YouTube channel is here. We will be posting regular video updates with hints, tips and how-to guides on how to perform many of the tasks relating to email, accounts, cPanel access and more.

The first videos are now up. These initially focus on some of the most frequently asked questions, such as how to set up our email service on popular email clients. However, we aim to add more videos on a regular basis. These will include useful tips on tasks in some of the platforms commonly used by our customers’ websites, including WordPress, Magento and OpenCart.

We also plan to post more customer service videos on guiding you through managing email, using your cPanel control panel and more.

We hope this will be helpful to all our customers. Please like, subscribe and let us know any ideas you have for videos that you would find useful.

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